Living Healthy in Washington County celebrates state's obesity rate drop
Recent news that Minnesota's adult obesity rate saw a statistically significan drop between 2014 and 2015 provided an encouraging sign to staff within the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment for their daily work focusing on reducing obesity rates in all ages. READ MORE....

Gateway Gold Line study recommendations promote health through innovative design
A new health impact assessment (HIA) has identified opportunities to promote and improve health through innovative land use changes around the proposed Gateway Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (Gold Line BRT) stations. Gold Line BRT will be Minnesota’s first bus rapid transit line in an exclusive lane, connecting the East Metro cities of Woodbury, Oakdale, Landfall, Maplewood, and Saint Paul with a growing transit system in the Twin Cities. Read more.

Success Story
Assessment is one of the processes the county uses for looking at the results of a program or policy, as well as to understand evolving community needs. Living Healthy in Washington County (LHWC) has used various assessment processes in the past year to plan, identify opportunities and resources, and document progress. Read more about these efforts here.

Outdoor Fitness Hikes
Gather your friends and family to explore the Washington County Parks trail system for guided fitness hikes. The 1 hour hikes involve warm up and fitness challenges and several dates are scheduled at various parks. See the website for more details.

Partner Projects
Living Healthy in Washington County (LHWC) is partnering with community organizations to offer more opportunities for physical activity in 2015. These efforts are supported by the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) grant which is focused on decreasing obesity and chronic disease risk for all Minnesotans. The local funding process started with a application process and the following projects were selected for funding through September 2015. LHWC is excited to see how these projects will make Washington County a healthier place to live, work and play.

Partner Project Summary

The Vital Aging Network is recruiting residents aged 50+ for a community-wide wellness initiative
If you live in Oakdale and are interested in learning more or would like to get involved, contact Mark Skeie at mjskeie@earthlink.net

Increased Physical Activity Support 
Communities across the county have increased physical activity opportunities, including bike racks for parks, maps of trails, updated websites for promotion of facilities and events, and trail signage.

Park and Open Space System 
The Washington County Park and Open Space System adds value to all peoples’ lives. It contributes to the well-being of local and regional communities by providing public enjoyment and education and maintaining and restoring high quality natural areas. In addition, cities and townships provide outdoor recreation facilities, most frequently as community parks, trails and athletic fields. These areas provide active recreation in smaller spaces that meet neighborhood and community needs.

Washington County Park System Map

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