Healthy at Work
Support for businesses who encourage active, healthy employees

Working in partnership with local employers, Living Healthy in Washington County helps businesses create a culture of wellness where healthy choices such as good nutrition, physical activity, and not smoking are the norm. Minnesotans spend significant time at work—yet increasingly, technology makes many jobs less active. Outside work, it’s often difficult to find time for physical activity or preparing nutritious meals at home. For employers, chronic disease from smoking and other health conditions are increasing health care costs and reducing productivity. That makes wellness at work more important than ever. A worksite wellness program helps educate and motivate employees in positive lifestyle behaviors, such as healthy eating, physical activity, weight loss, stress management, smoking cessation, and more.

  • Employers typically see a $3.00 return on investment for every $1.00 spent on workplace wellness programs.*
  • On average, smokers are absent from work 33 percent more often than nonsmokers*
  • Lost productivity due to health issues cost companies $1,685 per employee/year.*

- Wellness Councils of America
- Addiction, Smoking and absence from work: systematic review and meta-analysis of occupational studies, Volume 108, Issue 2, February 2013.
- Minnesota Department of Health, Workplace Wellness Fact Sheet, September 2013

Our Goals

  • Collaborate and network through the Worksite Health Partnership (WHP) with employers in Washington County.

  • Increase the availability of employee health assessment tools at large and small businesses.

  • Increase the availability of employer-sponsored smoking cessation programs.


Washington County Worksite Health Partnership Meeting Schedule

Eat Well Work Well
Free nutrition resources for worksites.

Wellness Council of America

CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative





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