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Offering nutritious food choices has always been a goal for school food service. Now, more than ever, this goal is important to help decrease obesity rates in the student population. Living Healthy in Washington County offers schools the support they may need to make policy, systems and environmental changes that will help them meet the new USDA standards for what kids eat at school. Children spend more time in schools than in any other environment away from home, and healthy students come to school ready to learn. Health and education success are intertwined: schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students are not healthy and fit. Schools that follow the national recommendations to offer healthy breakfast and lunch, and more opportunities to eat nutritious snacks through vending machines, classroom celebrations, concessions, or school stores helps students stay focused on academics.

  • About one quarter of Washington County youth report consuming at least one serving of fruit juice daily
  • Nearly half of survey respondents said they eat one or more servings of fruit and vegetables at least once per day
  • The largest category of sugar-sweetened beverages consumed by approximately 50% of students  is “other sugar-sweetened drinks, such as sweet tea, lemonade, coffee drinks or juice drinks,” followed by pop/soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks

2013 Minnesota Student Survey, Washington County


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