About Living Healthy in Washington County in Child Care

Living Healthy in Washington County helps child care facilities and preschools give young children a healthy start. Children who are active and eat well have healthier growth and development, are ready for learning, and feel better. Child care facilities and preschools can help build lifelong wellness habits by teaching healthy behaviors, offering opportunities to be active, and demonstrating good nutrition.

Child Care Data

8 of 10 children between three and five years old in Minnesota are cared for by someone other than their own parents at some time during the week.

Children should get at least 60 minutes per day of moderate or intense physical activity on most days of the week.

Our Goals
Collaborate with area child care providers, the Child Care Council, and Washington County Community Services to develop tools and resources that expand nutrition and physical activity options.

Provide nutrition, physical activity, breastfeeding consultation and training to child care facilities and preschools.


LHWC Child Care Reach
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sites trained
» 19 «
home-based child care providers trained
» 6 «
center-based child care providers trained
Participating Child Care Sites in SHIP 4: