Living Healthy in Washington County Supports Healthy Eating

Eating right is easier with healthy food options close at hand. Living Healthy in Washington County works to make fresh, affordable, unprocessed food readily available to all residents. Good nutrition helps combat a wide variety of chronic conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Healthy foods provide a rich source of nutrients that can help protect against illness and disease.

Healthy Eating Data

81 percent of Minnesotans consume less than the recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Americans spend nearly 50 percent of their food budget on restaurant food.

20 percent of Washington County adults have been told to lose weight by a doctor or other health care professional in the last year.

Our Goals

Work with community leaders to support locally grown foods.

Add fresh produce to food shelves with grocery store vouchers through the partnership in the Fresh Green Buck$ program.

Work to increase access, availability, and selection of healthier foods provided through emergency food programs.

LHWC Reach
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partner sites
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Fresh Green Buck$

⇒ The Fresh Green Buck$ program is a partnership between local food shelves and local grocery stores. The program raises funds through the purchase of vouchers for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables for food shelf participants.


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