Living Healthy in Washington County Supports Tobacco Cessation

Health care providers use their clinical expertise to help patients get well and stay healthy. Living Healthy in Washington County can help by partnering with clinics working on community health and health reform prevention initiatives. One major area of focus is in supporting tobacco cessation in patients.

Tobacco Use Data

Tobacco use is the #1 leading cause of preventable death In Minnesota

Tobacco use creates $3.2 billion in excess medical costs each year In Minnesota

Tobacco use is responsible for 6,312 deaths per year in Minnesota

Our Goals

 Implementing or refining referral processes to community-based resources tobacco cessation

 Enhancing practices around assessing tobacco use or exposure and cessation services offered to patients

 Develop other systems, supports or policies that address, document or prevent tobacco use and exposure.


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Health professionals trained in tobacco cessation practices
Tobacco Cessation and You

The right resources can help make your decision to quit tobacco use more successful.

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