Healthy Eating

Living Healthy Washington County engages employers as partners in workplace wellness by addressing strategies that support overall wellness. Strategies that increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and decrease sodium, added sugar and saturated fat by addressing vending, healthy snack stations, catering and/or foods served at staff meetings.

Active Living

Physical activity plays a critical role in the prevention of chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Living Healthy Washington County partners with worksites to expand physical activity opportunities for employees to be more active during the work day.


Returning to work is a critical transition for breastfeeding moms. In Minnesota, employers must provide support for breastfeeding moms with a space and time to express milk (MN Statue 181.939).

Tobacco-Free Living

Living Healthy Washington County assists businesses who are interested in updating policies around commercial tobacco use at work.