Supporting and Inspiring Longer, Healthier Lives
Working to provide safe and convenient opportunities to add
exercise and activity to daily routines.
Our Work in 2020

Our approach changed dramatically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were still able to support greater access to healthy eating and physical activity for our residents while reducing tobacco use and exposure. In the 2020 year-end fact sheet, we highlight our collective impact as we work to make a positive difference across the community.



Mindful Movement Begins Early

After learning that many local child care providers were interested in expanding adult-led physical activity in their curriculum, Living Healthy Washington County partnered with 1000 Petals to offer child care providers the Move Mindfully® training. Read more

Living Healthy

Living Healthy in Washington County is part of the larger statewide efforts across Minnesota to make long lasting economic and health impacts. By  working with community leaders, employers, schools, and health care professionals, the initiative will create health-friendly policies and resources that make it easier for residents to incorporate healthy actions into their daily routines. From better nutrition in schools, child care facilities, and homes to more physical activity and reduced tobacco exposure, Living Healthy in Washington County strives to make a positive difference across the community.

$5 billion

The cost of treating chronic disease in Minnesota.

$17 billion

The cost of lost productivity and absenteeism.


Percentage of adults considered obese in Minnesota.

$2.8 billion

Financial burden of obesity in Minnesota based on national estimates.

Living Healthy in Washington County Staff

The Staff:

Kim Ball, SHIP Coordinator
Lia Burg, Sr. Community Health Specialist
Beth Brisky, Sr. Community Health Specialist
Shannon Eisentrager, Communications Specialist
Cathy Mackiewicz, Sr. Community Health Specialist
Chloe Richter, Sr. Community Health Specialist
Caitlin Suginaka, Public Health Program Supervisor
Natalie Vasilj, Sr. Community Health Specialist

Community Leadership Team Members

The Team:

Jennifer Agen, St. Croix Valley Parish Nurses
Heidi Bardwell, YMCA Woodbury
Laura Cierzan, South Washington County Schools

Shayla Denaway, City of Hugo
Nancy Ellias, Forest Lake Area Schools
Sue Elmer, Community Thread
Martha Fox-Frank, Our Community Kitchen
Ryan Gruber, Washington County Community Development Agency
Bobbie Jo Grummons, South Washington County Schools
Joan Grzywinski, Oakdale Wellness 50+
Emily Jorgenson, Washington County Public Works
Becky Knighton, Washington County Community Services
Stephanie Kovarik, Lakeview Health Foundation/PowerUp
Emily Nelson, St. Croix Family Resource Center
Derek Otto, YMCA Forest Lake
Lynn Pagliarini, Our Community Kitchem
Cindy Parsons, St. Croix Family Resource Center
Joan Pennington, HealthEast Care System
Heather Peterson, Allina Health
Patty Radoc, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Mark Skeie, Vital Aging Network
Aimee Stanton, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Hally Turner, Washington County Public Works
Deb Van Klei, Stillwater Area Public Schools

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