Eating Healthy Campaign Toolkit

This summer, Living Healthy in Washington County is encouraging residents to eat healthy at work, as a family, and for a lifetime! Join us by sharing the messages on social media, e-mail, on your website, or in your newsletter. View and download materials from the 2018 Campaign Toolkit

New Report: Child Care Provider Survey Results

In April 2018, Living Healthy in Washington County conducted a countywide survey of child care providers to learn about their current healthy eating and physical activity practices, as well as their level of interest in expanding their work in these areas. The findings are summarized in the new Washington County Child Care Provider Survey Report

Living Healthy

Living Healthy in Washington County is part of the larger statewide efforts across Minnesota to make long lasting economic and health impacts. By  working with community leaders, employers, schools, and health care professionals, the initiative will create health-friendly policies and resources that make it easier for residents to incorporate healthy actions into their daily routines. From better nutrition in schools, child care facilities, and homes to more physical activity and reduced tobacco exposure, Living Healthy in Washington County strives to make a positive difference across the community.

$5 billion

The cost of treating chronic disease in Minnesota.

$17 billion

The cost of lost productivity and absenteeism.


Percentage of adults considered obese in Minnesota.

$2.8 billion

Financial burden of obesity in Minnesota based on national estimates.


The Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) sees exciting changes that are making it easier for people all over Minnesota to make healthy choices. As SHIP 4 gets underway, we’re pleased to report many SHIP 3 successes in Washington County, from community gardens and tobacco-free housing to healthy schools and worksites. Living Healthy in Washington County is committed to supporting partners and communities through actions that make the healthy choice easier for all residents.

Request for Posting

If you are interested in posting information related to SHIP, obesity or tobacco prevention, or the living healthy strategies on the Living Healthy in Washington County website, please:

• Complete the form and submit to the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment

• The form must be submitted by Wednesday of each week to be posted by the following Monday

• Forms can be emailed, or delivered to the Department in person or by mail

• All forms will be reviewed and approved before posting

• Incomplete forms will not be reviewed

• After approval, the information will be given to staff by noon on Thursday for posting

• Items posted will remain on the website for thirty (30) days or until after the community event has taken place

• PHE reserves the right to limit content or deny posting

Web Posting Criteria
In order for your agency or activities to be posted on this website, it must meet the following criteria:

• Be located in Washington County or provide a program or service for Washington County residents;

• It must fit with the Living Healthy in Washington County mission: To inspire and support residents to live longer, healthier lives through policies, systems and environmental changes that increase opportunities for physical activity, healthier food options and decreased tobacco use and exposure;

• Involve individual or community participation leading to behavior change; and

• Meet or promote national guidelines and best practices established by US Government agencies or other health professional organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, or the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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