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Inspiring Employees to Live Their Healthiest Life

Inspiring Employees to Live Their Healthiest Life

Working adults spend most of their day at work, providing employers with a great opportunity to impact the health of their staff. Comprehensive workplace wellness initiatives have been linked to increased employee retention, higher job satisfaction and productivity.

Before the update, the City of Stillwater’s employee fitness room had rusty walls and pipes, stale air, and inadequate storage.

Since 2013, the City of Stillwater has partnered with Living Healthy in Washington County to create a culture of health through the development of a wellness committee, adoption of new policies, and initiatives to encourage a healthy lifestyle. With over 100 employees, the City of Stillwater revitalized their centrally-located 24/7 employee fitness room with funding through the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership. Previously it had rusty walls and pipes, stale air, and inadequate storage. With some improvements, the space was freshened up! A new coat of paint, ceiling fans, instructional posters, and new storage racks made a big difference. Small exercise equipment, including dumbbells and battle ropes, were also purchased. 

Employees were eager to make the fitness room even better. Through private employee donations, a rowing machine, wall-mounted TV, and a charging station were purchased. Employees also plan to buy and install a WiFi speaker, allowing users to stream their favorite music.

The updated fitness room provides a clean and inviting atmosphere for all employees interested in incorporating physical activity into their daily routines. “Wellness at work is extremely important to me,” says Byron Theis, a Civil Engineering Technician and avid user of the fitness room. “I have lost weight, and have improved my overall health due to having a convenient place to work out.”

This summer, the City of Stillwater is excited to bring in a personal trainer to demonstrate how to safely and effectively use the fitness equipment. These orientation sessions will be recorded so all employees, can be encouraged and inspired to live their healthiest life!