Gardening Brings Connection to Community in Woodbury

When applications opened for the 2023 growing season, nearly 60 people applied to rent the 26 available garden plots. Demand was high among West African residents who were interested in not only growing culturally important foods, but also drawn to an activity that would bring the community together, reducing stress and isolation. Many others shared that gardening helped them feel a connection to their homeland and childhood memories.

Employees Enjoy Opportunity to be Active at Work

In December 2021, the City of Stillwater was recognized as Minnesota’s newest Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The City’s Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community Award reflects years of hard work to make Stillwater an attractive biking destination for residents and visitors alike. In keeping with the City’s strong commitment to bicycling and […]

Building a Dementia-Friendly Community

In 2020, Living Healthy Washington County (LHWC) aligned its work with the Healthy Brain Initiative, focusing specifically on efforts to educate and train professionals. In collaboration with Dementia Partners Woodbury and FamilyMeans, LHWC embarked on training businesses serving older adults to be dementia friendly.

New Workstations Promote Employee Health

With support from Living Healthy Washington County, Family Achievement Center purchased 12 mobile standing desks, a standing desk riser that allows for ergonomically correct positioning in both sitting and standing positions, and an ergonomic laptop mount stand that allows for proper posture while using a laptop computer. 

Active Living in a Pandemic Year

Staying active this year was challenging to say the least, but active living projects in Washington County are leading the way to improved access to parks and trails year round. There has been renewed interest in parks, trails and outdoor activities due to COVID-19 restrictions and limited access to health clubs and fitness classes. With […]

Enhancing Breastfeeding Support Across South Washington County Schools

Enhancing Breastfeeding Support Across South Washington County Schools South Washington County Schools, District #833, is the largest school district in Washington County. With over 2,500 employees that span over 26 building locations, South Washington County Schools wanted to ensure nursing mothers returning to work had access to the space and resources needed to continue breastfeeding. […]

Coalition Corner: Forest Lake Area Partnership for Families Recognized by Washington County Board

Coalition Corner: Forest Lake Area Partnership for Families Recognized by Washington County Board of Commissioners The Forest Lake Area Partnership for Families (FLAPF) has been addressing the health and well-being of youth and families since its early formation as a networking group in 1988. For the past three decades, the FLAPF and Washington County Public […]

Mindful Movement Begins Early

Mindful Movement Begins Early This summer, over two dozen child care providers across Washington County learned ways to keep children in their daycare active and focused, from the hottest days of summer to the frigid days of winter. Last year, Living Healthy Washington County (Living Healthy Washington County) learned that many local child care providers […]

Cultivating Relationships and Healthy Foods

Cultivating Relationships and Healthy Foods In Spring 2019, two local organizations — New Directions, Inc., an organization that supports people with developmental disabilities and Woodbury Thrives, a grassroots organization focused on promoting health and well-being of Woodbury residents — forged a partnership to build a community garden in a residential neighborhood in Woodbury. The community […]

Helping to Ensure all Students have the Opportunity to be Healthy

Helping to Ensure all Students have the Opportunity to be Healthy Research shows a strong connection between student health and their success in school. Promoting healthy behavior in schools can help youth improve test scores, grades, and attendance. With support from the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, Living Healthy in Washington County is partnering with schools […]