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Mindful Movement Begins Early

Mindful Movement Begins Early

This summer, over two dozen child care providers across Washington County learned ways to keep children in their daycare active and focused, from the hottest days of summer to the frigid days of winter. Last year, Living Healthy Washington County (Living Healthy Washington County) learned that many local child care providers were interested in expanding adult-led physical activity in their curriculum. To meet this need, Living Healthy Washington County partnered with 1000 Petals to offer child care providers the Move Mindfully® training. 

Providers find Move Mindfully® easy to use
Child care providers were surveyed immediately after the training and the first reactions were very positive. All providers reported that the Move Mindfully® techniques they learned were practical, easy-to-use, and useful for responding to behavioral issues in child care. Additionally, all child care providers shared they were likely to try the Move Mindfully® practices in their child care setting.

Providers continued using Move Mindfully®
Living Healthy Washington County followed up with child care providers two months after the training to see how the mindful movement techniques were working. Seventeen providers responded to the survey, and all of them used Move Mindfully® techniques in their child care. Two months after the training, 95% of providers used the techniques each week and 35% of those were using the techniques daily. Providers were most frequently using calming breaths (94%), yoga poses (89%), and the Hoberman sphere (89%) with children in their daycare. All providers reported that Move Mindfully® techniques were either helpful or slightly helpful in fostering children’s self-regulation, smooth transitions, de-escalation, and focus. Most providers (82%) reported Move Mindfully® was easy-to-use in the child care setting and the remaining 18% of providers considered the techniques somewhat easy-to-use. Most providers reported no barriers to using Move Mindfully®. The techniques require no special space, and no or low-cost equipment. Several child care providers shared their enthusiasm about using the techniques:

“The techniques are easy to use and of great value to me in my child care setting and the kids respond well to it.”

“I really love using everything I have learned with Move Mindfully. [It] has really calmed my children in my care.”

“The children look forward to our breathing exercises and yoga. It has been a great tool to use in my child care.”

Providers recommend Move Mindfully® to their peers
More than one provider mentioned they found the training so valuable they would recommend all child care providers participate in a similar training. Child care providers now have the skills to integrate mindfulness into their day while increasing physical activity for Washington County’s youngest residents.