Announcing the 2021 WellSpring Partner Projects

Announcing 2021 WellSpring Project Partners

The WellSpring Project is a Washington County Public Health and Environment (PHE) initiative that uses a dynamic approach to develop community well-being across the lifespan. The goal of this project is to promote resilience during adversity and encourage strong, healthy development and vitality among individuals, families, and communities within Washington County. Our vision is to build a community where all members are supported in achieving their maximum health and well-being potential. As part of this project, PHE is partnering with six organizations by funding resilience projects and creating a multi-sector network that supports well-being in Washington County.

2021 WellSpring Project Partners

Eastern Twin Cities Islamic Center will develop a structure to engage older adults into programming opportunities that will address the barriers of fear, anxiety, depression, isolation, and/or despair that older adults may be experiencing.

Forest Lake Area Schools will run a professional and personal development cohort/class for licensed educators in the district to bolster resilience and well-being among staff in the district.

St. Andrew’s Resource Center will convert a vacated room into a food storage and distribution area, themed like a compact self-service convenience market, which will expand services available at the resource center.

South Washington County Schools will collaborate with targeted partners to design and deliver an early childhood parent education series on resiliency and wellbeing in early childhood. They will expand current ECFE services, including consultation services and online resources.

Washington County Libraries will create and circulate mental health kits that will feature: therapy lights, printed/audio resource that support mental health and resilience. The kits will also include local Washington County mental health resources.

Youth Service Bureau will develop at least six Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) designed to focus on student resilience skills through a student/staff collaborative teams focused on resilience messaging.