Living Healthy in Washington County is committed to supporting partners and communities through actions that make the healthy choice easier for all residents. In this section, we share stories of success and the latest news from our community, and education and resources to create a healthier Washington County.


Assessing the Impact of Income on Mental Health and Physical Activity

In 2017, Washington County conducted a series of focus groups with community members with the intent of assessing the impact income on mental health and physical activity. The goal of the focus groups was to hear from individuals who may be experiencing disparities in these areas and initiate a conversation on the conditions, causes, and potential pathways towards health equity.

Local food shelf makes the healthy choice the easy choice

Eating right is easier with healthy food options close at hand. That’s why Family Pathways recently transformed the way it showcases healthy foods at its Forest Lake Food Shelf, which serves over 7,000 individuals per year. The new design and layout encourages clients to make better choices by improving the visibility and presentation of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and lean proteins.

Collaboration Results in District-wide Support for Breastfeeding

With women comprising 76% of the workforce, Forest Lake Area Schools wanted to ensure nursing mothers returning to work had access to the space and resources needed to continue breastfeeding. Initially, supports were only implemented in Anoka County schools, but within a year, Forest Lake Area Schools made a commitment to implement breastfeeding supports district-wide.
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